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About Best Choice Property Management

We at Best Choice Property Management manage around 100 units in the Lincoln area. As a full-Service Property Management Company, we find tenants, manage them, manage the properties, handle evictions, and then just hand the checks over to the owners. We also show properties after hours to help with tenant schedules, we understand that taking care of your time and your job is a necessity and we will work around your schedule. We provide maintenance allowed by law. We will never pretend that we will be able to help you with more specific details like plumbing, but we’ll go all out to help you with any real estate and property management needs you may have.

Integrity is our secret recipe to success. There are a lot of crooked landlords out there and we are not those people. We will do what we say we do, which is helping you in any real estate problem you may have as a home-buyer, home-owner, or renter.


You need to trust us to do the job well and timely and we strive to transmit that confidence you need.

We have personal contact with our tenants and our owners. We are easy to reach and willing to help. Best Choice enjoys a reputation for quality management that is hard to beat. Our company’s secret to success isn’t hard to understand. It’s all about integrity, honesty, personal respect, and genuine interest in both owners and tenants. It’s also about years of experience, hard work, and the ability to save owners money.


Keith Morris’ personal belief is that integrity and hard work overcome many of the problems normally associated with rentals. It keeps units occupied, helps deal with difficult tenants, and leads to profit. Our family treats renters with respect and fairness. We care for client properties as if they were our own, customizing services to fit each customer’s needs and helping them plan for the long term. Whether you are a renter, an owner, a contractor, or a professional partner, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much fun and effective your conversations are with members of the Best Choice family.


In the end, we believe it’s the relationships we’ve built, along with our experience and ability to affect each owner’s bottom line positively, that have led us to a quiet success as Lincoln’s best choice for rental management.

The relationships we’ve built, plus our integrity, experience, and ability to affect each owner’s bottom line have led us to a quiet success as Lincoln’s best choice for rental management. You’ll find proof of Best Choice’s quality rental management expertise in the experiences of others. Call to request contact information for client owners, renters, and professional partners. We are confident any of them will give Best Choice a positive reference. 


When you’re ready, we’ll take these next steps:


  • Owners: We’ll evaluate your property together to determine your potential profit. If we believe the property has true potential to become a high-quality Best Choice managed home, we’ll lay the groundwork for a working relationship that we expect will last many years.
  • Renters: We’ll show you available houses and apartments that could become your new home. If you qualify to become a Best Choice renter, we’ll ask you to sign a standard contract, then we’ll do everything in our power to help you achieve a smooth move.
  • Professional Partners: We’ll listen to your needs and help you come up with solutions, whether you are a real estate agent who needs to keep a seller on the hook by renting for a while, a financial planner who needs a creative solution for a client portfolio, or a loan officer looking for reasons to support a customer loan.
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